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Silicon steel, also known as electrical steel, silicon electrical steel, lamination steel, relay steel, or transformer steel is specialty steel with silicon added to it, which improves its electrical resistivity and magnetic properties, and reduces hysteresis loss. This steel is ideal for various electrical applications where electromagnetic fields are important, such as transformers, magnetic coils, and electrical motors.

Electrical Steel can be divided into two major categories including grain-oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel. Grain-oriented electrical steel, with its easy magnetization direction parallel to the rolling direction, has excellent magnetic properties in this direction including low core loss, high permeability, and low magnetostriction, and is widely used in the transformer industry. Meanwhile, non-oriented electrical steel, featured by a random distribution of grain orientation and magnetic isotropy, is widely applicable to the motor industry.

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Silicon SteelElectrical SteelM3/M4/M5 Silicon Steel




Go Electrical SteelCRGO Silicon SteelGrain-Oriented Electrical Steel

Silicon steel is a silicon iron alloy with a silicon content of 3%~ 5%. Divided into oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel, it is an important soft magnetic alloy that is indispensable for power, electron, and military industry. Was once known as "the arts and crafts of steel products"

We have Silicon Steel Coil in non-oriented and and Oriented type.

Material are 23Q110/30Q120/35Q145/35WW230/35WW250/35WW270. Astm 36F145/36F158/36F168/36F180/M80050A.

Silicon Steel Classification

Hot rolled silicon steel sheet

Hot rolled silicon steel sheet is Fe - Si alloy with open-hearth and electric furnace melting repeated hot rolled into a sheet, finally, in 800-850 ℃ after annealing. Hot rolled silicon steel sheet is mainly used for the manufacture of generators, so it is also called hot rolled motor silicon steel sheet, but its utilization is low and the energy loss is large. In recent years, relevant departments have forced the elimination of the demand.

Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet

The most important purpose of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel belt is for transformer manufacturing, also called cold-rolled transformer silicon steel. Compared with the cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, the magnetic orientation of the oriented silicon steel is strong. It has superior permeability and low loss characteristics in the direction of easy magnetization. The iron loss of the oriented steel strip in the direction of rolling is only one-third of the horizontal one, and the ratio of the magnetic conductivity is 6:1, the iron loss is about 1/2 of the hot-rolled belt, and the magnetic conductivity is 2.5 times that of the latter.

Cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet

The main purpose of cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel is used for generator manufacturing, so it is also called cold-rolled motor silicon steel. It has a silicon content of 0.5% to 3.0%, and the supply state is 0.35mm and 0.5mm thick steel strip after cold rolling to finished product thickness. The Bs of cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel are higher than the oriented silicon steel. Compared with hot-rolled silicon steel, its thickness is uniform, its dimension is high and its surface is smooth and smooth, thus the filling coefficient and magnetic energy of the material are improved.

Fields of Application

Fields of applicationGrain-oriented electrical steelNon-oriented electrical steel
Series GSeries PSeries RSeries ASeries AHSeries ARSeries AT
RotatorsLarge-sized motors

Medium-sized motors

Compressor motors

General motors

Small-sized precision motors

Motors for electric cars

Static deviceHigh-frequency motors

Large-sized transformers

Small-sized power transformers
Transformers for instruments

Reactors and magnetic amplifiers

Power switches

Transformers for welding

Voltage regulators

Magnetic sealers

Electromagnetic devices for accelerators

Material Selection

Grain-oriented electrical steel

VarietiesCommon typeHigh induction typeDomain refinedhigh induction type
Large motors
Large transformers
Medium and small transformers
Distributing transformers
Voltage regulator
Reactor and magnetic amplifier
IF transformer

Mutual inductor
TV transformer
Radio transformer
Radio broadcast transformer

Mechanical Property

Mechanical Property
GradeYeild Strength(N/mm2)Ultra-TensionStrength(N/mm2)Ductility(%)Hardness(HV1

Insulating Coating

Insulating Coating
Coating typesM11M21
ComponentChromium containing , semi organic coatingChromium free, semi organic coating
Coating thickness(μm)0.7~1.50.8~5.0
Interlayer resistance(Ω•mm2 /slice)≥100≥100
Adhesive propertyClass A or class BClass A or class B
Punching propertyExcellentExcellent
Antirust propertyExcellentExcellent
Heat resisting propertyResistant annealing at 750 C, N2 protection, for 2hAnnealing resistance in general

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