Product Description

Aluminium is a silvery-white lightweight metal. Is the most abundant metallic element in Earth’s crust and the most widely used nonferrous metal. Light, durable and functional: these are the qualities that make aluminium one of the key engineering materials of our time.
Aluminum is a good thermal and electrical conductor, having about one-third the density and stiffness of steel. One of aluminium’s special properties is that it is able to resist corrosion, It is ductile and malleable, which means it can be easily machined, cast, and extruded.

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1050 Aluminum Coil3003 Aluminum Coil1060 Aluminum Coil
1050A Aluminum Coil3004 Aluminum Coil3105 Aluminum Coil

The advantage properties of aluminum alloy are light weight, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and ductility.

Aluminum alloy is soft and usually alloyed with copper, zinc, magnesium, silicon, manganese and lithium to increase strength. When aluminum alloy is exposed to air, an anti-oxidant coating will be formed instantly to protect products. Aluminum alloy is one of the lightest metals. The application of products ranges from precision technology to daily commodities.


Product Specification and Size :

Standard Specification: GB/T 3880, ASTM B209, EN 485

Alloy and Temper
1xxx: 1050, 1050A, 1060, 1100O, F, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H28
3xxx: 3003, 3004, 3104, 3005, 3105
5xxx: 5005, 5052, 5754, 5083, 5086, 5182, 5049, 5251, 5454O, F, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38

Alloy Designation (For Reference)

Comparison of Alloy Designations for Aluminum Products

Alloy SeriesChinese StandardAmerican StandardEuropean Standard
1xxx Series1050--
1050A-EN AW-1050A
3xxx Series30033003EN AW-3003
30043004EN AW-3004
30053005EN AW-3005
31053105EN AW-3105
5xxx Series50055005EN AW-5005
50525052EN AW-5052
57545754EN AW-5754
50835083EN AW-5083
50865086EN AW-5086
5182-EN AW-5182
5049-EN AW-5049
5251-EN AW-5251
54545454EN AW-5454

Alloy SeriesChinese StandardAmerican StandardEuropean Standard

50525052EN AW-5052

57545754EN AW-5754

50835083EN AW-5083

50865086EN AW-5086

5182-EN AW-5182

5049-EN AW-5049

5251-EN AW-5251

54545454EN AW-5454

Available Size Range

Thickness0.2 ~ 6.0 mm
Width600 ~ 2,600 mm

* The thickness can be up to 10mm for coil stock (mother coil for cold rolling).
- Standard Width and Length: 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1219mm, 1524mm
- Surface Finish: Mill finish, unless otherwise specified
- Surface Protection:
Without paper interleaved for all aluminum coils
With PE/PVC filming on main side (if specified)
- Coil ID
405mm, 505mm, 605mm
- Minimum Order Quantity
5MT per size, total 20MT for one order


Chemical Composition (For Reference)

Chemical Composition conforms to Chinese, American and European standard specification

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiOthers:EachOthers:TotalAl: Min.
11000.95 Si + Fe0.05~0.200.05--0.10-0.050.1599.0


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